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For financial corporations

If you still don’t use RPCM Smart PDUs then probably:
  • When your equipment hangs it leads to downtimes and necessity to deploy engineers to restart it. Having an engineer at each object is budget prohibitive, but downtimes hurt reputation and push customers away
  • Equipment with single Power Supply Unit is powered from single power mains and turns off when this single power source goes down
  • When UPS fails you have to deploy engineers to temporarily organize bypass by manually switching over equipment to “dirty power source”
  • To be able to simply have your equipment started after blackout you purchase more expensive UPSes just to survive high in-rush currents on start-up
  • In the event of Short Circuit on just one of consumers all your equipment powered through the same circuit breaker turns off
  • You don’t have reliable knowledge about power consumption of each particular device and cannot predict development of hardware issues, so you start solving issues when they appear
  • You count only on fire suppression systems (if they are installed) to prevent fires, preparing yourself for financial losses due to equipment damages caused by fire, and deem the necessity of refilling of fire suppression systems inevitable
  • You identify loss of grounding “by eye” in the process of tracking down why your equipment has suddenly started to sporadically fail
  • You don’t have reliable information about consumption of electricity by your current equipment, so you rely only on marketing to save on future electricity costs when making new equipment purchases
  • You learn about facts of unauthorized use of electricity only after significant time upon receipt of invoices
How to decrease downtime by making use of RPCM Smart PDUs?

decreasing downtime

  • Remote control of power sockets will let your engineers restart hung equipment to make it work again without necessity to physically visit remote locations. Decrease downtime together with costs of physical deployment of engineers to remote locations without increasing head count of your operations team
  • Configure Watchdogs and in 95% of cases recovery of operation of hung equipment by cycling the power will happen automatically. Recover connectivity automatically when your telecom equipment providing link to remote location hangs. Automate decreasing of downtime, freeing up precious time of your operations team from tasks that can be done without human intervention
  • Avoid downtimes due to inability of equipment to start-up after power blackout. Save UPS and mains protection from high in-rush currents by making use of sequential turning on of power sockets with delays. This will allow to save money by purchasing cheaper UPSes with less powerful inverters, while retaining capability to start-up equipment after complete power blackouts
  • Ensure correct equipment start-up sequence after complete power blackout by making use of configurable power socket turn-on delays at start-up. Network equipment, then infrastructure services, then business applications. Right start-up sequence will decrease chances of services start-up failures due to non-working interdependencies (attempts to acquire IP addresses without running switches, starting services without working DNS, etc.)
  • Locate root causes of problems and restore operation of services quicker thanks to understanding of the reason of automatic switching off of consumer – short circuit, overcurrent or exceeding total power budget
How to increase uptime by making use of RPCM Smart PDUs?

increasing uptime

  • Reduce dependence of uptime of equipment with single power supply unit on working state of only one of available power inputs by making use of Automatic Transfer Switching (ATS) functionality. Upon interruption of power supply on main input, equipment will instantly switch over to backup power input without interruption to normal operation
  • Ensure automatic configurable failover (bypass) to a “dirty power source” in case of failure of UPS as well as possibility to perform repair/maintenance of UPS without switching off consumers
  • Provide yourself with your equipment’s electricity consumption telemetry data and respond proactively to developing anomalies before they lead to downtimes
  • Prevent mass powering off of equipment upon occurrence of a Short Circuit on one of the consumers thanks to the Short Circuit protection functionality on each outlet
  • Prevent equipment from going on fire and triggering a fire suppression system as well as mass powering off of equipment due to an uncontrollable increase of current upon failure of a power supply unit of one of the consumers thanks to the Current Limiting functionality on each outlet
  • Detect loss of grounding at your locations in a timely manner thanks to the Grounding Control functionality and restore grounding promptly to prevent unstable equipment behavior (sporadic restarts and hungs)
  • Ensure uptime of business-critical equipment in the event of exceeding the total current budget by powered equipment thanks to the functionality of Retention of Consumption Within the Total Current Budget. Set up correct Survival Priorities to the most critical equipment to ensure its uptime during the process of shutting down of “excess” consumers
How to save time and money by making use of RPCM Smart PDUs?

saving time and money

  • Save on trips to remote locations thanks to Remote Power Control and Automated Restarting with Watchdogs
  • Save on purchasing expensive UPSes because with Built-in Sequential Delayed Powering On functionality you will not experience high in-rush currents
  • Save on electricity expenses thanks to Measuring Consumption on Each Outlet and powering off unnecessary consumers
  • Save on electricity expenses thanks to Measuring Consumption on Each Outlet, analyzing power consumption of your current equipment and making informed choices to purchase more energy-efficient equipment
  • Save on reputational costs thanks to the possibilities of increasing uptime and decreasing downtime provided by RPCM Smart PDUs
  • Save on refilling of the triggering fire suppression systems by preventing fires thanks to the Current Limiting Functionality on each outlet

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We continuously test the latest equipment and try to put the best technical solutions on the market into daily use. This concerns not only our customers, but also our own infrastructure. Therefore, we were pleased to discover the Smart PDU RPCM from RCNTEC, with the functionality that not only justified, but also exceeded our expectations.



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